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On Demon Wings - Karina Halle Everything Experiment in Terror book started with some light-hearted scene, but since the ending in 'Lying Season', we know this is definitely not the case. Perry is heart broken from what happened from the last book. She hate Dex. I hate him too. But I'm sure our guy is gonna make up for it later on in the series. I have total faith in him, although he himself doesn't.

Perry is trying to move on after quitting the Experiment in Terror and putting Dex out of her life. She now working as a barista, while still in the mourning stage of her doomed relationship. Perry suffered the most throughout this book, compare to all last 4. First, her mental condition is getting worst, she believes either she is going crazy or being haunted or someone is pulling some serious prank. Meanwhile, her health condition is deteriorating as well. One day, when she fainted at the cafe's bathroom, all hell break loose from thereon. We learned that Perry's was pregnant without her knowledge and subsequently miscarriage.

As from the title, we got a Demon on the loose. Maximus make an appearance and Perry can't help but latch on the one person who can help her. But I'm totally with Abby, that guy is just too good to be true. He even charmed both her parent. I totally hate the guy. After we finish with the Jenn's issue, now I have a new person to hate.

This book, we got a lot of Abby, turning into the greatest support for Perry. Initially, alot of spooky things happened at the Perry's household, such as TV on by itself, baby shoes appearing, wreaked study room and even a slaughtered pig head. Eww... Then, the worst part is Perry got possessed by demon. We were brought right into the reenactment of 'The Exorcist'.

Okay, you must be wondering where is Dex and when is he gonna make an appearance. He was missing in a large part of the book and I totally miss him. I'm sad at the fact that everyone is hating him. But don't worry, as I expected, Dex will come save the day. Although I had kept anticipating and wondering when is he gonna make the appearance. Don't worry our guy doesn't disappoint us.