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Hit 149 - Anna Brookes First Chapter - Margaret McHeyzer Self-absorbed heroine that keep telling us how 'good' and 'awesome' she is. Once is enough, okay. Anna is a super assassin who is in the business since 15. She met this totally hot guy in a bar for a one night stand. End up finding out that he is a Chief Police of St. Cloud, the position previously hold by her dad. Intrigue much? At this point, I'm finding the plot get my curious.

The said police, named Ben had a hit on his head and Anna was hired to kill him. Only that she didn't really want to because he is such a 'good lay', I suppose? When she went to St. Cloud to scout him out, they accidentally met by chance and Ben seems to want to reunite with her. Okay, I have such a huge problem when Ben confessed his feelings for her, although Anna is just hard arse chick that he met in a bar. What is his problem?

There a scene at the restaurant that make me cringe. Anna confronted a waitress for ogling Ben, claiming he is her husband. This amused Ben very much. But after the dinner, when Ben want to spend the night with her, she said she needs time and bla bla bla. Crazy much?

The writing style of this book is too much telling and not much feeling, which I'm okay with it because this is just a novella. I wanted a quick and interesting read to spend my afternoon. But by half way through I just couldn't stand Anna, or Ben anymore.