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Heller - J.D. Nixon Tilly, our heroine who is down on her luck with her less than stellar acting career ends up getting a job at Heller's Security Firm. She know nothing of security and was scared of her life when she got ambushed during the interview. However, this job came with the perks that I would absolutely drool over. Free accommodation, personal styling, wardrobe, food, you name it. You basically work for Heller and everything that you need is free. The only down part of this deal is that you have to be 24/7 on call and might get bodily harm. That's what happened to poor Tilly.

Heller, our hero is one larger than life character. He had this caveman tendency, total control freak and is so serious all the time. He blows up whenever he is angry and I find myself cowering in fear. On rare occasion he shows his tender moment and caring side to Tilly, but those occasion are minutely rare. The only thing redeemable about him is his commitment for his people. I'm wondering what is his back story, why did he save Daniel and Niq from their awful life and give them a new one.

There seems to be a lot of sexual tension between these two, but still making no headway yet. There isn't any steam as well, unless you count Tilly fantasizing. I think this book is great if you are into cozy mystery-type of book with funny heroine who often get herself into some sticky situation and a badass hero who save the day, sort of.