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Origin - Jennifer L. Armentrout Holy shit. Can things be even more disastrous than it already was? I wonder what we will be getting in the finale book. Origin picked up straight from the ending of Opal. We have dual POV from Katy and Daemon. Woot! Okay, Daemon did remind me so much of Camden in S&N. He was willing to burn down the world to save Katy and to hell with everyone else. While Daemon was going hysteric seeking ways to infiltrate Daedalus, Katy was treated to experience first hand on being a lab mouse.

Katy went through and reliving some of the awful things that we knew happened to both Dawson and Beth. So I don't see much surprises there. We finally knew what was Daedalus all about. Though I was caught off guard when the grand scheme of Daedalus was reveal, it doesn't seems to be anything new that haven't been done before. I always find scientist, especially those in the government to be absolutely freaky, by the way.

It didn't take long for Daemon to be reunited with Katy, not as long as Camden took to find Ellie. Daemon had a lot of things on his plate, to free Katy and to thwart Daedalus evil plan, while at the same time evading capture.

We were introduced to a new secondary character Archer, the one who was kind to Katy during her captured in Daedalus. Luc played a more prominent role this time during their evasion and fight against the bad guys. This kid was absolutely kickass in every way. Daemon had a lot of work at his hand if he doesn't want Luc to be stealing the limelight.

The Lux series came a long way from giving us high school freaky aliens to now a pretty much grown up X-men battle and alien-human politics. I make me forgot that this was still label as young adult. There was non-stop action at the second half of the book, but I find some of the battle scene to be a tad too detail and tedious to read. I prefer those parts where both Daemon and Katy having some down time and talk to each other about what their future holds. These two were so in love and despite their age, I believe they are really committed to each other.

There was even a little cameo from Hunter! That was the scene during their encounter at Luc's club in Obsession. I'm so freaking excited to see Hunter after so long. I miss that guy terribly. I hope he will be playing a more prominent role during the final book. I think it will be such a waste to ignore this already well developed character.

By the end, they had endure so much lost, betrayal and I wonder how much more our young characters can take on. It seems like an eminent war is going to happen. Katy, Daemon and his siblings have to decide which side they are on.