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Tall Tales and Wedding Veils - Jane Graves Read this back in 2011. Another story about drunken marriage at Vegas.

This light romance started with a CPA, Heather Montgomery who was forced once again to be the bridesmaid whenever someone in her big family got married, and this is the time whereby she got repeatedly reminded by Aunt Bev on the fact that she is already hitting 30 with no man in her life. This time is cousin Regina's wedding and she was whisk off to Las Vegas for the bachelorette party along with the groups of bridesmaid.

Tony McCaffrey is in the verged of buying the local sport bar McMillan's, only to have his friend withdrew from lending him 20 grand. In a whim, he decided to try his luck by gambling off in Vegas. When he was giving up hope and waiting at the elevator lobby, he came across the half drunk Heather who recognized him from McMillan because he's such a catch. Tony though can't recognize her, but he spilled out about his problem with the funding to buy McMillan. Heather showed him the chip that she found by the lobby and offered to help win the 20 grand.

I wondered where did Heather got all her lady luck, but eventually she did won the 20 grand for Tony. Tony hired a limousine to celebrate the night with Heather under the sight of the jealous Regina, who can't believe what she just saw.

The next morning, Tony woke up fully clothed on bed next to Heather and was shocked to find out their marriage license on the table. He was contemplating how to deal with her when Heather woke up and stunned. She quickly gathered up the fact that she had too much to drink and didn't realize what she had done. She decided to get an annulment as soon as possible, much to the relieve Tony. Little did she know that the night before, she had called to announce her marriage to her mother. Let the disaster begins!

In order not to get Heather embarrassed in front of her family and relatives, Tony kindly volunteer to act as her husband for a month and waited until after Regina's wedding to file for divorce. Initially, Heather disagree to lie to her family, but after seeing her mother being so happy and able to tell Aunt Bev that her daughter finally married, she can't bear letting her mother down.

This is a predictable story of how a plain Jane get the playboy to settle down. Heather always got teased by her relatives about how she still not married at 30. When she ended up with Tony, her cousin Regina can't stop trying to figure out the sinister plot that she is convince lurking somewhere behind the facade. The plot is generic with nothing surprising.