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In the Woods - Tana French This is such a depressing read.

This story was told from a first person perspective, who is Adam `Rob' Ryan. Our hero had a sordid past during his childhood, which both of his best friends were lost in the woods near their hometown at Knocknaree and currently he is a Murder Detective. Together with his partner,Detective Cassie Maddox, they are assigned to investigate the murder of a girl named, Kathy Devlin, whose body was found coincidently in Knocknaree woods. Large part of the story revolves around Ryan being haunt by his past, while investigating the case with Cassie. I like their partnership chemistry, whereby they complement each other so well and know what exactly goes in each other's mind without being verbal.

However, this crime novels gave me a grim feeling from the start till the end and I'm not such a fan to depressing stories. Nonetheless, I enjoy reading the rich vocabulary and the descriptive scene written by the author. I feels like reading a literature. The story is engaging and keep you guessing who is the killer from beginning till the end.

If you are into dark crime stories and good literature writting, this is for you. If you like good ending and light-hearted stories, avoid it!

I don't like the ending either, but I'm not gonna spoil it for you.