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Reckless - Skye Jordan 3.5 stars

This is one light and sexy read about two strangers that came together through text messages. There is some forbidden lovers vibe here that came from the heroine not wanting to let the scandal tarnish her reputation.

Lexi is a big shot haute couture wedding dress designer that make a name for herself out of nothing. She strives to maintain her success in the competitive market by all cost and needs to maintain a healthy image to secure her deals.

Jax is a rebellious bad boy who gave up his acting career to do what he like most, a stuntman. He formed the Renegades that take up stunt jobs for Hollywood. He was used to being treated like a means to an end by every woman who came at him. He had never felt treasure and love by someone for him alone minus all the connections and fame he had in the industry.

By a chance encounter at the airport, Lexi bumped into a hot guy with leather jacket and decided to leave him an anonymous text. This part was actually the highlight of the story. They started texting, and things get flirting and heated up. Wow! They really bring a whole new meaning to sexting.

The part that I find it weird is when they plan for a mysterious hook up at the hotel with the lights off as per Lexi's demand. She just went into his room. What if he turn out to be an axe murderer? So Jax spent half the book not knowing how Lexi looks like, but he felt connected to her and for the first time he felt needed for who he is, not as an actor or someone famous.

I actually had a hard time connecting with both the characters. They don't seems to be well developed. I do find myself enjoying all the sexy scene that they had together, but not really caring for their HEA. We don't really know about them apart from their current predicament. Jax came off as feeling too insecure most of the time. He keep waiting for Lexi to drop the bomb on him and make her demand. While, Lexi came off as putting too much into maintaining her image. What wrong with Jax, anyway? He had his own career and a hot bode to die for. Considering she's selling her dress for ten of thousands dollars, she sounded too insecure about her financial situation.

I love the writing style, but I need to point out there is just too many cliche moments. We can definitely do without those. Regarding the ending, it was kinda abrupt and I was totally caught off guard by it because when it ended, my Kindle is showing 55%. The indicator did play a huge role in my state of mind because I was still waiting for something to happen.