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Stranded with a Billionaire - Jessica Clare The Billionaire Boys Club may sound cliché and a billionaire hero theme had already been overdone. I might have whined ‘not another billionaire again’. But if I tried to ignore that Logan Hawkings is freaking rich as the king himself, this is a pure fun and feel good romance with some panty melting hot sex without all the drama and angst.

Bronte Dawson, a simple waitress who likes quoting Plato and sprouting ancient wisdom from Kansas City won herself a free trip to Bahamas Island. However her trip turned into a disaster when she brought along a room mate from hell and encounter a damn hurricane.

Logan Hawkings, the billionaire himself, a no-nonsense business man and a man who always get what he wants, brought a resort from Bahamas Island for restoration. However, with his luck he found himself trapped in an elevator with a strange woman who likes to quote Plato and later left stranded in the island with her.

As per the title, both the Bronte and Logan met while being stranded at a resort island during a hurricane. Bronte thought Logan was the hotel manager with his suit and all, while Logan didn't want to correct her thinking their friendship together will feel more real without factoring in his wealth. They both have to survive with the minimum supplies they manage to scavenge while awaiting the rescue team. Meanwhile, they both have a romantic island fling.

“ ‘Fortune favors the bold’ and all that”
“I love it when you talk Plato to me.”
“Virgil, baby. Virgil.”

Initially, I thought they will spend a large portion of the book stranded together, but they were actually rescued and brought back to civilization half way through. Now back in reality, Logan's real identity was reveal and Bronte had to acknowledge and deal with their status difference. Well, a billionaire just can't be dating a waitress, can he? And Bronte is not satisfy to be Logan's live in plaything. They had some issue to work through, there is some back and forth that I felt slightly draggy, but there isn't any presence of angst, which I appreciate.

We met the other billionaires of the club, Hunter, the scarred and quiet one, Reese, the playboy, Griffin, the geek, Jonathan and Cade. Considering the next book is about Hunter, he had more page time here. He is Logan's closest friend and happen to give Logan some personal advice regarding Bronte that make me wanna kick his ass.

We were also introduced to Audrey, Logan's assistant who pretty much do everything for him, which include and not limited to buying clothes for his girlfriend and checking movie schedule for him. There is also Audrey's sister, Gretchen, the bold one with an attitude and works as a ghost writer. Although we only got some glimpses of them, I felt intrigue by them both and wonder will they be the future books heroine.

“Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back.”