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Heart of Obsidian - Nalini Singh I did the unspeakable and skip 10 books in between and went ahead to read Heart of Obsidian. To my surprise, the things I learned from Book 1 and 2 have changed so much. There are now two Psy groups, Psy and Pure Psy. What the hell is that? Is mind boggling when I tried to understand all the political stuff that is happening.

And why is people trying to hide the hero's identity in their reviews? Is that a big spoiler? I learned about his name during Book 2 and he is one scary SOB. He had the capability to make you crazy, kill you without breaking a sweat and shatter the earth itself with his telekinetic ability.

However, we learned about his heartbreaking past with the heroine of the story that had me all choked up. I wanna cry a river for their stolen innocence, scream freaking injustice to the hypocritical world at large, and although the villain had been killed in a gruesome manner way back in Book 1, I wanna resurrect him back to life and do it all over again.

Most of the reviewer giving this 5 stars and hail this as the best in the PSy-Changeling series. Considering I only read 3 books, there isn't many comparison to make, but this felt like a 4 stars to me. I blame it on my inability to understand the story arc and the grand scheme of thing that is happening within the Psy and Changeling community. The romance is awesome, is heartbreaking and poignant, but 40% of the book is dealing with the story arc that make me feeling puzzle. I will try to do a reread after I find the time to go through all the books in between.