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Hyde (Hyde, #1) - Lauren Stewart This is definitely the first time I came across the Hyde & Jekyll remake. So Mitchell here is the Hyde, whereby he will transform into some kind of raving beast once every 6 weeks. While Eden on the other hand, her revelation is more like unraveling a mystery. Eden is the Jekyll, whereby she will turn into this seductress once every 4 days and after she woke up, she had no idea what had happened.

In this first book, the author use this as a base for introducing the characters, both the protagonist and antagonist and let us know what the hell is actually happening. But of course, the main issue regarding Mitch transformation remain unsolved.

Mitch personality is quite a surprise. After reading the intro to this story, I thought he is a bitter person or act like some tortured soul. But he is quite the funny and sarcastic guy. You had no idea he had such a big hidden secret behind his facade. Thus, Mitch manage to avoid making this book into a dark fantasy.

What annoys me a little is that both Mitch and Eden are so insecure that they constant dilemma is getting repetitive. They both thought they are not good for each other. Hello! Can't you guys see that both of you had the similar sickness and you definitely deserve each other .