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Razing Kayne (Walking a Thin Blue Line, #1) - Julieanne Reeves The plot of the book worth 4 star, but the emotion I felt make it a 5 star book. Is not often a book make me shed so much tear. The first half of the story dwell much on Kayne mourning for his children. Anyway, this fact is not a spoiler. Kayne lost his family and Jess lost his husband.

Jess had 4 kids and when Kayne get to know her, the kids constantly reminds him of his children. This is so heartbreaking and he often thought of ending his own life when the sadness was so overwhelming.

Then by half of the book it was reveal that one of the kid name Gracie was actually Kayne's youngest child was gone missing after the tragedy. Thus, this result in both Jess and Kayne trying to keep Gracie for themselves. In the end, they compromise on a marriage so both of them can be with Gracie. Long story short, Jess decided that Kayne was in her life just because of Gracie and Kayne trying to prove her otherwise. The climax was regarding the truth behind Kayne's family death and Jess husband's death, which was interlink. I find myself not that invested on learning the mystery behind the deaths, because it only starts to reveal at the last quarter of the book.

Jess is a loving mum for her 4 kids, but behind the great mum facade, is an insecure woman because of the way her late husband treated her. But Kayne was such a polar opposite to her husband and she can't stop herself from comparing both their actions constantly. And then she felt unworthy again.

Okay, we know guys don't usually express much in words. But Kayne is one of the hero who really knows how to recite endearments in such a heartbreaking way. Most of the time his mourning had me in tears and the reassurance he gave Jess was such heart felt.