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Blood and Betrayal (The Emperor's Edge #5) - Lindsay Buroker I think I never said it enough times about how glad I found out about this series. Honestly, the cover was not a major attraction and steampunk sounds so techno/nerdy. But now I'm a big fan. I just love the character Sicarius. He is the deadly assassin that seldom engage in dialogue, yet I find myself re-reading every word he spoken like treasure. From Book 1 to 5, he had grown so much. He use to convey message without talking, now he started to give us some full sentence.

As usual, Lindsay Buroker gave us alternate POV beside Amaranthe, but I usually read through those alternate POV very fast, because I am eager to get into Sicarius page time.

We knew Sespian, the young emperor is Sicarius's son and so far only Amaranthe knew about it. But the truth is finally out in this instalment. Did I mentioned that both father and son like the same woman?