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Dark Light (Dark Light, #1) - S.L. Jennings I picked up this book expecting an urban fantasy about magic and demon. But what I got instead is a healthy dose of sex and more sex. It seems like I'm reading an erotica instead of urban fantasy. You have been warned.

Gabriella aka Gab, had reached her 20th birthday. She juggling between her classes and working part time at a retail. She had a bitchy bff, Morgan (I love her btw) and a best guy friend, Jared, who Gab had a crush on. But on the night of her birthday celebration, she meet this sexy as sin Dorian and they have this extraordinary lust at first sight. At the same time, she learned that her adoptive parent had been keeping her true identity a secret and now it is finally revealed. Gab is the daughter of Natasha (the Light) and Alexandra (the Dark). Her parents were the forbidden lovers and they both had been killed. She was entrusted under the care of their adoptive parent to keep her safe until she ascend to her power at age 21. At that time she will have to choose whether to align herself with the Light or Dark.

Most of the revelation came from the journal that her mum left for her. Gab actually read it bits by bits every other day, which doesn't make sense to me. If I found out that my parent were murdered and they left me a journal about their past, I will read the entire thing in one sitting.

Dorian is describe to have the look of a Greek God, sexy and gorgeous and wealthy. He own a salon, a boutique and an apartment building and God knows what else. I kind of guess his identity from the moment he appeared, but his true intention of getting close to Gab was not what I expected. I have some problem getting use to his name because it reminds me too much of the smelly tropical fruit in my home country, the durian.

I was kind of disappointed that nothing much is going on beside of Gab reading her mum's journal and find out about her true identity and the overwhelming number of sex scenes with different position (Is hot and I love it by the way). But besides of that nothing happen until right up to 90% of the book. I will want to pick up the Book 2 to found out how Gab is going to confront Dorian and because we still don't know Dorian's true motive.