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Temping Is Hell - Cathy Yardley Wow! This book really do exceed my expectation. At first glance, it looks like a chit lit with a little paranormal thrown in, but it is much more than that.

We meet Kate who got a job as a temp at Fiendish, which is a big corporate company that rivals the Microsoft. Many reviewers compare this to the Devil Wears Prada. The first quarter of the book started off like a normal chit lit, where Kate found herself the odd one out among her trendy and chic colleagues. And she even had an evil supervisor, Maggie, who people believes is banging the boss. When Kate wanted to be more proactive in her job, she was bullied by Maggie into working a late night shift. During the night itself, she ran into Thomas, the suppose boss of the corporate. At first glance, he seems like a down to earth guy albeit filthy rich. Thomas was intrigue by Kate because she doesn't act like any other employee, who either afraid of him or wanted to lick his shoe.

Kate was sent to the Basement by Maggie to help out with some contract, she meet Slim and a bunch of other nasty guys, including Al, the Overseer. When she found out what they really are and what are they doing under the Basement, all hell break lose. And this is when all the fun starts. I can see Slim being Kate's demon sidekick in future series.

Thomas signed his soul, something about saving his wife. Now he wanted to get his soul back by hunting down the person who signed him, Cyril, including all his underling who protect him. Despite the story doesn't actually showcase his brilliance, you know, billionaire suppose to be damn smart, he did in fact manage to woo me by his selfless action. Initially, he plan to use Kate to help in his mission, but when shit hits the fan, he will put himself in front of the bullet, so to speak.

Yagi, the consultant who Thomas hired to train him and help him in getting his soul back was such a tight ass. He is the brain and brawn in Thomas whole scheme. I can definitely see that he was infatuate with Pruce, who is Kate's bff.

This is such a fun read, with Kate creating havoc by taunting Thomas' plan, a demon wrangler best friend and filthy rich boss who might be planning to murder a total of 13 people in a year time.

Although this is the first book, but thank god there isn't a big cliffhanger. There is one sex scene to satisfy us romance reader. Though, I wish the next book will be out, to know how Thomas actually going around to kill all the remaining 12 people in his list.