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Crazy Little Thing - Tracy Brogan Crazy Little Thing is one of those feel good beach read that will leave you feeling great and satisfied. Nothing like a good romantic comedy to lift up our spirit and have a good laugh.

Sadie had recently divorced her prick of a husband, Richard, and together with her 6yo Paige and 4yo Jordan, she went to a summer vacation at her Aunt Dody's house at Bell Harbour. At one glance you knew Aunt Dody is a handful and she is as eccentric as a crazy aunt could be. The things that came out of Aunt Dody's mouth give any sane person aneurysm. I love both her sons, Fontaine, the gay decorator and Jasper, the straight cook. Their entire family is over the top funny and Sadie and her kids fit right in.

Of course, Sadie kind of sworn off men and she didn't realize both her cousin brothers will be at her aunt's house during her visit. To add salt to wound, there is this Running Man that kept running across their beach twice a day, armed with his sexy bod and all. Sadie would rather ogle him from a far than to actually met him in person. So when Aunt Dody had a minor head injury, Sadie was sent to retrieve the nearest doctor in the neighbourhood that turn out to be Dr. Desmond McKnight aka the Running Man.

Des is a doctor, temporary assign at Bell Harbour to replace Dr. Pullman while he is on a two months long vacation. He is such a great guy that manage to put up with Aunt Dody eccentricity and her weird and random questioning, he is even get along so well with Sadie's children. So naturally, Sadie is sceptical and she is waiting to unveil his ugly truth. Due to her awful experience with her ex-husband, Sadie lost faith in men and tends to think the worst of them and more than once she jump to conclusions when Des did something, ie. when he cancel a dinner date with her. Des is also had a fail marriage, but he divorced for an entirely different reason than Sadie, but he is as heartbroken as Sadie if not more.

In the meantime, Sadie also got help from Fontaine in getting along with her new career as a professional organizer. According to Fontaine, she should put her OCD of tidiness to good use and together with Kyle, Fontaine's gay boss, the trio is set to conquer the house decorating and organizing business.

For the humour alone, this book deserve a 4 star for making me day full of sunshine and laughter. I love the entire Dody's clan and Sadie's children, even the dogs, Fatso and Lazyboy are great. Although most of the smut between Sadie and Des was fade to black, is still a nice little PG romantic read for my Sunday afternoon.