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How Beauty Saved the Beast (Tales of the Underlight, #2) - Jax Garren Book 2 of the Tales of the Underlight is even better than Book 1. Jolie is now a member of the Underlight and she had been training under Hauk in order to prepare herself for mission. But don't worry she still works as a Burlesque dancer! That woman is seriously hot and spunky. I'm glad whiny brat Whitney is no longer in the picture, I can't stand that kid. This time Travis, who we knew from Book 1 that worked as Jolie's apartment valet, become a more prominent character. Together with Brayden, Christin, Mercy and LaRoche, we had a whole cast of Underlight members who are truly loyal and great friends of Hauk.

From the ending of Book 1, Jolie and Hauk had formed a tight friendship during their mission of saving Whitney. She admire his bravery and strength and know that behind his severely scarred body, is a good man. While, Hauk still had a big crush on this girl, he is happy enough to be her best friend. In Book 2, we had some generic couple drama, the appearance of ex. Although it might be a tad generic and overdone in the old days, I'm totally soaking it up. Ashley, Hauk's ex-fiancee appearance at the Underlight really causes some serious jealousy problem and make Jolie realize her feelings for Hauk. Meanwhile, Paul, the rock star and also Jolie's ex-lover also came to add in more conflict. I wanted to pull away both Ashley and Paul and ask them to get the hell away. I kept twisting my Kindle while reading this train-wreck scenario and keep shouting 'talk to him/her already' in my mind. The tension build up is heart palpating. And when the words is finally out, I breathe a big sigh of relief.

We know that our Hauk can turned into a Hulk when he is in rage, minus the green body. After the rage, he will end up in a dead sleep and wake up with no knowledge of what had happen. The evil Ananke had finally found a magical weapon that can weaken Hauk fighting ability and they wanted to capture him for scientific study. Meanwhile, the truth of the fire that causes Hauk to be in current condition with his comrades all dead is starting to sneak out. It starting to resemble a plot of conspiracy theory to me. Everything is not what it seems.

There isn't any cliffhanger here, but of course many things are still unresolved pertaining the Ananke's evil scheme. I'm happy with how things ended Jolie and Hauk though. The third and final book 'When Beauty Loved the Beast' will be out on May 13.