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How Beauty Loved the Beast (Tales of the Underlight, #3) - Jax Garren This third and final book for Tales of the Underlight series. This definitely can't be read as a standalone, or else you will be totally lost. There isn't even any recapped for what happen in previous books and I like that about it. The previous book ended with Hauk, our physically scarred hero, recuperating at the hospital after being kidnap and tortured by the Hands of Ananke. Jolie saved him and they both decided to embark on a relationship together.

How Beauty Loved the Beast started off with Jolie and Hawk so lovey dovey together and they make me giddy all over. When Jolie was threatened by some thug, she even said to them 'wait till my boyfriend kick your ass'. That girl is sure smug about herself. While, Hauk feels that being with Jolie is the best thing that ever happen to him since the tragedy, he still feels reserve and insecure about his condition during intimacy. He can be abit vain sometimes, but he is human afterall. Anyway, our girl Jolie never gives him chance to doubt her feelings for him and make sure he knows it. I love that about her.

The Ananke had been injecting some of the Underlight members with an unidentified chemicals. Brayden, Hauk's close friend is one of them. However, they couldn't find out what the chemical is doing to their body and the unknown is freaking them out. Meanwhile, Cassie, Jolie's dance mate is found dead at the back alley. Thrown in some bomb treats and people with memory being tampered, we are all in for a wild ride.

The last 20% of the book really have me gripping the Kindle extra hard. For one awful moment I'm so afraid it might end like Jojo Moyes' Me Before You. I don't know what decision will Hauk make for himself. That guy really need to get through his thick skull that Jolie meant every word she said. But thank God, this is an urban fantasy romance and Jax Garren is so much nicer to us reader. I read her Author's Note in the end and wanted to say to Garren that the ending is perfect either way she choose it.

If I were to find something that I doesn't get it in the series, I would say is about the Hands of Ananke. Consider me slow, I don't actually understand the motives behind Ananke doing all the evil deeds and targeting the Underlight. But for a debut series by Jax Garren, the plot is edgy enough and the characters fascinating to make me finish all three of her books in 4 days.