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The Bet - Rachel Van Dyken I got to say that the prologue is really cute. It told from Travis' POV when he was 8 years old. He had a crush on Kacey, but being a 8 yr old, he did what boys at that age did. He teased her, he pulled pranks on her and he ruined her toys. And that make Kacey hate him even more. Poor boy.

But fast forward to present time, they are now in their twenties and we learned that Kacey loved Travis's brother Jake and even had a prior history with him. And now Jake is trying to bring Kacey back to act as his fiancee in front of his grandmother.

I like the premise of the story of unrequited love and even worst, the girl he like fall for his own little brother. How more pathetic can it be? I can't wait to see how Travis is going to win Kacey back when she only had eyes on Jake.

But half way through, I still don't feel connected to the characters and I couldn't care less how it progress anymore. The writing style is quite immature and the characters doesn't act their age. I had a hard time believing Jake can run a multimillion dollar business. And what's up with all of Jake's POV since the beginning. I know that he is not the hero in this book, thus I don't need his POV so much. If the author focus more on Travis and Kacey's POV instead, maybe I will be able to finish reading this book.