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The Bite That Binds (Deep In Your Veins, #2) - Suzanne  Wright This is what happen when vampires meet X-men.

First off, what's up with the YA-ish cover. That's not how I picture Jared and I'm going to ignore that I actually seen this cover. The Bite That Binds is a good follow up from Here Be Sexist Vampires, where we were introduced to Sam, the kickass Svente vampire and Jared, the Heir of the Grand High Master Vampires along with their squad members Max, David, Chico, Harvey and etc... not to forget the adorable Fletcher and his bf Norm. This series is very much different from other conventional vampire series, with each of the vampire having a special gift that gives them superhero power, imagine X-men.

I find book 1 is much more engaging, although book 2 is still a good follow up, it doesn't really live up to my expectation. Sam and Jared is now together and planning for their Binding Ceremony aka vampire wedding. As in a one day wedding is not stressful enough, the vampires actually have a week long wedding celebration. Gosh. Thus, we are expectating all hell to broke loose in the meantime.

We have a case of pregnant women being slaughtered and their infant kidnap. Sam and her squad are assign to investigate for Antonio believes a master vampire might be behind the infant kidnapping ring. As side from that, we also have a wedding crasher, Magda, aka psychopathic ex-lover of Jared, who happened to be his Sire. Add in a few more Master Vampires who doesn't approve of Sam being the Heir's life partner, Sam definitely got her hands full dealing with it.

Thankfully Sam and Jared didn't end up with couple drama of distrust and jealousy. They are so love and determine not to let Magda come between them. When Sam's gift goes wonky during one of their mission, Jared becomes obsess with protecting her and keeping her out of harms way. But our dear Sam will never let him keep her away and they ended up having plenty arguments over this issue. I'm alright with this if they didn't actually repeatedly having conflict over the same issue, which is getting old in my opinion. You know what Jared, you can protect me anyday. Sometimes, I find Sam a bit of a smartass and over confident and I gotta admit is kinda of annoys me a little, but I let it pass since she loves Jared so much. The prenuptial agreement that she gives Jared really cracked me up.

Jared is just this sexist twat in previous book, but this time we got to learn some tidbits from his past. About his childhood with Evan and their estrange relationship with their mum and how did they ended up being turned by Magda. The most important of all, how did Jared became a sexist twat in the first place. In the end we get a satisfying HEA for Sam and Jared, though I see potential for future books for Evan or Max or maybe even Chico.