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Surviving Raine - Shay Savage Wow! This is amazing. I just need to give 5 stars for the fact that Shay Savage can write such an emotional and engaging story with 90% of the book with only two characters, Bastian, the asshole extraordinaire and Raine, the innocent young woman who he saved from drowning after the wreckage.

This just reminds me so much of Castaway, where I watched Tom Hanks alone on the island for an almost three hours long movie. I guess is lucky that Bastian got Raine with him, at least he doesn't need to start talking to a football. This was told completely in Bastian's POV and with most male POV is totally crude with plenty of f-bomb around. And the funniest part is always when he refer to his dick as a different entity.

Bastian, the drunken captain of The Oblation, woke up to find his ship sinking and John Paul, his partner and the rest of the passengers already flee with the life boat. He manage to get hold of an emergency raft and happened to save a young woman, Raine from drowning. First half of the book detailed on how Bastian and Raine survive on the raft with minimum supplies. I guess Shay had some kind of experience in Survival 101, because the knowledge that Bastian has on survival makes me wants to take note and memorize it. Although, I don't think I can manage to catch any fish with my bare hands. Who would have know we can get water source from the fish spinal fluid.

Apart from trying to survive on the raft with minimum water and food, Raine needs to deal with Bastian, who is such an asshole and his condition is made worst when he is facing withdrawal symptoms from lack of booze and smoke ...... and chicks.

"I'm an alcoholic and a chain smoker, and I don't have any alcohol and only have two smokes. I'm going to try to stop myself from being a total dick."

There is so much depth in this story, although you might think there is only Bastian and Raine. We actually have a story within the story itself. Raine had this capability to be a master of interrogator for she manage to persuade or coax Bastian to slowly open up himself and told her about his traumatic past, his childhood, his life on the streets, how he met Landon, became a fighter and then met his bitch of a girlfriend. The little snippets of flashback that Bastian had throughout the story flow beautifully and I had never once felt it tedious or draggy. Anyway, just mentioning the bitch of a so-called girlfriend thrown me into homicidal rage. I wanted to kill her repeatedly, if that is even possible. Do get some Kleenex ready.

No matter how Bastian most of the time act like a total asshole, Raine can see through the man beneath his shield. He cares about her well-being and will do anything to help her survive and keeps her safe. The second half of the book was pure gem, where they finally found land on a deserted island. Raine started to show Bastian her love and how he is a worthy man, although the pig-headed man keeps thinking he didn't deserve anything good in his life. As weeks passed, Bastian seems to be on cloud nine on this island that he deemed is the perfect paradise. At this point, Bastian started to wonder what will happen after they are rescue. He can't help but freaked out and starting having nightmares thinking about it. But I have faith in Raine despite Bastian self-loathing doesn't.

"You are the most wonderful, beautiful man I have ever known. I love you, and that hasn't changed just because there's concrete under our feet instead of sand!"

I do have some questions lingering on my head that was not answered, but the romance of the story is completed and left me feeling very contended. Raine and Bastian is lovely together despite having her to reassure him repeatedly. He really need a good smack on his head. I thought the ending was wonderful, although we do get some teaser for the upcoming book. I can't wait to see how Bastian gonna make out of his life with Raine in the picture.