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The Proposal - Katie Ashley I came to The Proposal straight from The Proposition, there is no way that I could wait anymore to find out how Aidan is gonna fix up this shit that is happening between him and Emma.

There is so much groveling going on, but I would appreciate more if most of it was not just gloss over. But the doorstep groveling totally sold me and I like Emma's reaction as well. LoL. Okay, so the beginning of this book is not so hard to overcome as I predicted. Emma didn't actually hate Aidan, maybe his groveling did helps to soften her heart. Now she is more emotionally guarded and don't want to fall for him anymore. But she still willing to give Aidan a chance to be a father to her child.

When things doesn't goes well with Emma's pregnancy and she need bed rest and someone to care for her, she accepted Aidan's offer to stay with him. More swoony moments to come. That guy will practically do anything, and I mean anything for her. From waking up in the middle of the night to buy food, to watching Sounds of the Music and worst of all, see her out with a potential love interest, Dr. Pesh! WTF! Aidan, you know is okay if you wants to bash him up. Is totally going to be forgiven.

I know Aidan is such a dick at the end of The Proposition, but to make Emma become a bitch in The Proposal was not okay for me. I'm furious when I had to read her scene with the Dr. Pesh. Arg! I basically wants to slap her, threw the doctor to a different continent (I didn't want to kill you because I know you are a good man) and then go over and hug Aidan. Poor Aidan. I like that he didn't go all alpha jerk on her and rather give her space to come into terms with their feelings for each other. Luckily, this bullshit didn't drag on for long and Emma and Aidan finally reconcile. From the onwards, pure heaven and bliss for our lovely couple. And I do appreciate that Emma admits she is sorry for hurting him. Yeah, I'm glad you are sorry.

We got a lovely proposal scene and then we got a really intense labor scene straight out of ER. Wow. Aidan is gonna be such a great Daddy. Imagining him pushing a little Noah's trolley is enough to make me go all dreamy eyes. In the end, Emma got what she wants, a baby, a husband, a family.

P/S: Beau, I'm sorry for your loss. LoL.