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The Party (The Propostion, #0.5) - Katie Ashley I'm not sure why this novella is label 0.5 instead of 2.5. I actually had a hard time decided which sequence to read. But after reading AJ's review, I decided to read this last.

The first chapter seems like an epilogue to The Proposal, with Emma getting herself ready for Aidan's company Christmas party, while Aidan is at home with baby Noah. Then we are treated to the flashback two years ago before the party that Emma publicly rejected Aidan's pursue.

Emma is having a reunion with Casey, Nate and Connor on the 5th anniversary of her ex-fiance, Travis passing. We learned about their tight friendship with each other and how much she misses a family that she never had. She came up with an idea to get herself pregnant by asking Connor to become her sperm donor.

Meanwhile, Aidan woke up with his Friday night sex buddy by his father demanding his presence at his great nephew, Mason baptism day. As usual, his family is trying to get him married and settle, but he is having non of it.

Later on, he went for his company Christmas Party and that is where he met this redhead that intrigue him with her green dress and shy smile. He decided right there and then that he is going to spend the night with her. But unfortunately, after learning about Aidan's infamous reputation, Emma directly told him off.

Okay, I'm not going to complain as long as I got to read more on Aidan, but as usual reading about prequel usually doesn't add much to the story. I would have much prefer a sequel instead. You know with little Noah and another baby girl on the way. I wish I could read more about Daddy Aidan moments.