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Killing Sarai (Killing Sarai, #1) - J.A. Redmerski 5 absolutely mind blowing stars. This book deserve to be made into a movie. I can just imagine watching it in HD.

Every time when half of the GR page is showing updates on the same book. I know is going to be great and I'm right. I’m so engrossed and immersed into Killing Sarai right from the 1st chapter, when Victor made his appearance and referred as the ‘American’ by our heroine Sarai. This is the kind of book that drew me in right from the start and I wanted so bad to read the whole book in one sitting, but had to succumb to the reality of having to work.

Sarai is some sort of prisoner of Javier, a psychopathic Mexican drug lord that keeps her with him since she was 14 years old. Sarai didn’t succumb to her fate and had been waiting for the opportunity to escape his clutch. She found it one day when she saw Victor, a hired assassin that shows up at Javier’s place. After she devices a plan of escape and manage to hitch with Victor, she found herself getting in a mess and also a lifetime experience that she had never anticipated.

Victor, the assassin, found himself reluctantly in the company of one of Javier’s prize possession. Most of the time, we were being kept in dark about his motives of keeping her and he is so damn mysterious. As per the usual assassin personality traits, he is stoic, uncommunicative, cold as a cucumber, but socially adaptable to every circumstance thrown at him. I’m not sure why, but I had a thing for stoic hero. I’m swooning after him the moment he appeared. And he is so badass too.

What really sold me is the romance department, is subtle and simmering at slow current. Not those in your face kind of romance with instant attraction and full of lust. They hardly touch each other more than half of the book beside him tying her up and her trying to punch him. But that only makes me hanging on to their every minor exchange like a dog panting over a bone. The development is much more believable compare to those conventional romances that I usually read. Sarai concern is only to use Victor to help her escape while Victor was thinking how to make use of the situation to his advantage. They didn’t turn into bff all of a sudden and it takes time before they start to care for each other. Many times we can see they are contemplating with their decision, their struggle to trust or to even care.

Most of the chapters are from Sarai’s POV, but we do get some from Victor’s POV as well. But I need to admit that I much prefer reading about Victor from Sarai’s POV because he is much sexier that way. I actually didn’t really read the excerpt of this book before diving into it. It seems like is already foretold that eventually Victor is putting everything at risk for helping Sarai. He is so selfless and honorable like that for even helping a woman he is not sleeping with.

There is so much that happen in this book, action-packed, adrenaline pumping, bullets flying and so much more. Climax after climax. Just when you think something is settle or solved, something else happen again. I think I need to take a deep breathe everytime something blows up. Javier, the sick bastard is trying to track down Sarai, Victor had mission to completed, people to be killed and Sarai just want to live. And then she wants to follow a different path of life. Most of the time my heart is drumming and pumping hard right along with Sarai. There is so much emotion in this book. I gasped, I shouted, I cried, I laugh and I swoon.

Sarai is such a strong character. She isn’t a kickass heroine, but she definitely is a survival and a fighter. She never let things that happen to her destroy her life. I can’t wait to see how she going to turn her life around after she gain her freedom to do whatever she desire.

“I’m a real piece of work,” I say. “I almost feel like punching myself.”

There is no brutal cliffhanger, thank god. The bittersweet ending makes me sigh and I feels contended with it. I’m sure we will see more of Victor and Sarai soon. I will definitely mark my calendar for the next release. I’m missing Victor already.