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Friend-Zoned (Friend-Zoned, #1) - Belle Aurora 3.5 fluffy + 'Rock Chick' vibe stars

I'm not sure how to rate this. The first half of the book can be consider pure chick lit with a lot of fluff. I would have rated a MEH 3 stars, but the 2nd half gets better and I would have give it a 4 stars.

Tina is such a goofball with the heart of gold. She's the owner of Safira boutique and spot this gorgeous man across the street everyday. She decided to become friends with him via a wax lips candy. She's the kind of woman that really put herself out there without any reservation. She had a bunch of girlfriends that work for her at her boutique. She bakes awesome cupcakes for people she loves. Of course, our heroine had a past that she kept buried, just to make up some drama.

Nik is the owner of The White Rabbit, a nightclub across the street from Tina. He is bewildered to find himself strike up a friendship with a woman. Nik don't befriend woman, he just had sex with them. Anyway, he is clearly intrigue by Tina who had this sincere and genuine heart.

"Did I...? Did I just get Friend-zoned?"

Let me explain why I find this resemble the Rock Chick series. There is the girl gang, Tina, Nat, Mina and Lola from Safira boutique and then there is the guys gang, Nik, Max, Ghost and Trick from The White Rabbit nightclub. I'm not sure will they all end up with each other though. But we already can see Nat hooking up with Ghost and Mina is mooning over Trick. The girls are mostly bitchy, but not in the annoying way. The guys are kinda badass in a way. Max is so sentimental with his daughter's issue. Ghost the broody one who is having this love hate thing with Nat.

The first part are mostly funny moments of all of them becoming friends and hanging out together on Saturday night at the night club and Poker night at Nik's house. Is fun and all, but I am waiting for something to happen. You know, a story is not engaging if there isn't conflict or climax. Anything that bother me is their age. Nik and Tina is suppose to be 34 and 28 respectively, but the way they act towards each other feels too young to me. And by the way, do you always sit on your guy friend's lap? And play with his shirt lapels and his hair? Hmm...

Things get more interesting when Tina and Nik finally ends up together at 50% despite their initially concern over their 'friendship' issue. I like seeing Nik appears all sulky when he found out Tina had a date with someone else. Then someone from Nik's past turns up and threaten Tina's safety. Woah! Nik goes all badass and protective. Nice.

"Not hard anymore, are you?! Take that, penis!"

We also had our classic couple misunderstanding issue, which I find a bit too coincidental here and I need to roll my eyes. Urg! Not this again. But anyway, after it got resolve, I'm treated to some swoon-fest. So I'm not complaining too much. Towards the end we are treated with some heart-wrenching moments that I didn't expect coming from all the fluff. Overall this is quite a fun read.

"You're it. The one. The start. The finish. You are how my story ends."