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Pulse (Collide, #2) - Gail McHugh There is no way I'm not reading this right after I finished with Collide. Gavin's heart is broken on the night of Emily and Dillon's rehearsal dinner. While on that night itself after Dillon emotionally abused her, Emily decided to leave him for good. She regret for everything she did and she wants Gavin back. Will he forgive her for the things that she had done?

To say the previous book is full of drama and heartbreaking moments is such an understatement. In Pulse, the torture continues. Gail McHugh is quite a sadist, I would say. But what should be said for me who totally digging it. I can't tear myself away from Gavin and Emily.

Gavin is devastated and left the country to lick his wound at Mexico. After weeks of not knowing, Emily finally gather her courage and find out where he is from his brother, Colton. She decided to talk to him face to face. I'm glad that it didn't take long for them to be reunited and settle their differences. The first half of the book after they are reunion are pure bliss. The smutt is extra hot and they are going at it like rabbits to make up for the lost time.

After their so-called honeymoon at Mexico, they had to return to New York and face the reality. Dillon is such a nightmare, a total scum and I wish I could literally chop off his manhood or beat him into a bloody pulp. As if things haven't already thrown Gavin and Emily's lives upside down, there is another shocker. Emily is pregnant, and they are not sure who is the father!

Emily seriously pissed me off with her state of delusion and denial and willingly succumb herself to Dillon's clutch all the time in Collide. But in Pulse, we came to understand why she acted that way and how she is emotionally abused and manipulated by the motherf*cker. Now her loves for Gavin makes me warm all over and I decided to forgive her.

Gavin Blake, the man every woman will want to marry. That guy is perfect, except for being total nut over Yankees and affinity to brutalize any man who dare harm his woman. I wonder what is so special about Emily that he can bear all the shit that is happening with being with her. I love his twenty questions, his bottle caps, his love for Yankees and being a clean freak. No matter what obstacle thrown in his path, he manage to endure and overcome it.

I had one big complaint about this particular chapter that seems to happen out of nowhere. It didn't add to the story and its presence is mainly to f*ck my mind over and makes my jaw dropped. I practically stop breathing and nearly throw my kindle to the wall and . But the next chapter came and I gave out a big sigh. I was seriously pissed at Gail McHugh. I'm emotionally wreck.

One thing that is going well is that Gavin and Emily are sticking together the entire time. There is no more lies and distrust. Their love for each other made them stronger together and they can face whatever challenge thrown at them, the good, the bad and the in between.

For fans of Gavin Blake aka Mr. Swoon-worthy, although everything that happen left us emotionally spent, we laughed, we cried, we burst with anger, the HEA ending is totally worth all the heartache it caused. Next, I seriously in need of a romantic comedy to sooth my nerve.