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Wounded - Jasinda Wilder Initially I thought this book is label as romantic suspense, but now that I finished reading it I know is not. So for those who are expecting a suspense, there isn't any. First 10% was dedicated to explaining how Rania become who she is, an Iraqi whore who choose the path of selling her body in order to survive the harsh environment. Then we learned some background on Hunter, an American soldier who just broke up with his high school girlfriend just before he got shipped back to Iraq. Although Rania and Hunter didn't meet until quarter of the book, that didn't bother me compare to other books. The writing style truly captivated my short attention span.

As per the title, Hunter got injured during an attack and Rania decided to save him by dragging him back to her home. Hunter spent a large part of the story being wounded and under the care of Rania. That guy is one tough being as I had no idea how he can survive his injuries without proper medical care and to make matter worst he sustain additional injuries while trying to save Rania from one of her johns. Speaking of Rania's johns aka her clientele, she periodically service them next door while Hunter had to listen in. How excruciating that can be. Hunter manage to see that behind Rania seductive exterior while working, she is scared and helpless.

Most of the story revolves around Rania and Hunter learning about each other. They started off not able to understand each other, but later they slowly learned each other language. Rania who had been a prostitute since she is a teenager had never know love and pleasure, but she finally learn to discover the joy through Hunter. Although I have to agree with Rachel that their first sexual encounter make me feels squeamish with their current conditional and all. But apart from that scene, the story was beautifully written in both H/h POV that make you feels emotionally connected with them. I will recommend this book purely for the guilty pleasure as there isn't any suspense plot in it.