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Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold - Ellen O'Connell Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold is a beautifully written love story about two people brought together by a tragedy, but in the end despite all odds, they found happiness and peace. The story revolves heavily around the racism issue, human prejudice and family drama in the Colorado.

It begins with Anne Wells running away from home before her dad drag her off to married the some old and rich man. She is a 28 years old spinster who broke off her previous engagement with a suitor in Chicago because he can't bear to have an educated wife. By chance, she landed at Cord Bennet's barn to seek shelter and when he found out about it and against his better judgement not to get himself into trouble, he brought her into his house and decided to help her escape.

Cord knew Anne since they were 10 years old and she is the only person who treated him as equal. He is a half breed Indian and the black sheep of his white family. He can't help that he got blame for every trouble that happens around him. When Richard Wells, Anne's dad, found out that she was at Cord's, all hell break lose. I had trouble bringing myself to read back the awful scene ever again. Anne got terrorize by her father's henchmen and Cord got beaten to the brink of death. They even bring over a Reverend to make sure she got married and then become a widow on the same day.

We know that Cord will definitely survive the brutality, but it still break my heart reading about it. Anne tried her best to nurse him even when she believes he might not make it. She turns into this amazing woman during this time when she decided to protect Cord at all cost. She even threaten his family member with a rifle. As time pass and Cord slowly recover, he convince Anne to stay married with him for the time being. And here begin their extraordinary journey towards happiness that they so well deserved.

Anne is one of the most courageous and brave heroin that I had read. The way she stood up for Cord when he is often misunderstood by the people, she is not afraid to voice up and stood by him. I wanted to cheer and applause for every confrontation she flaunt at the others for talking bad about her husband. She knows Cord despite his reserve behavior, is kind at heart and she tried to convince him many times that she is here to stay.

Cord is one quiet fellow who learn to mind his own business to avoid getting into trouble. But when provoke, he is prone to violence. He had long ago accepted his fate that the society will always had prejudice towards his skin color. He is so pessimist that at times I wanted to give him a good shake. He is so sure that Anne will leave him sooner or later because nothing good will ever happen to him.

The Bennet's family comprises of Frank and Ephrain, Cord's elder brothers who acted more like a father figure because of their age gaps. At first they appeared as nasty as the town people who hated their own half breed brother, but deep down they will protect him when shit hits the fan. The family nearly got bankrupt to keep Cord away from jail when he was young. The brother's wife Martha is the rare one who still believes Cord is not as violent at he seem to be.

Richard Wells', Anne's father is one of the most hated character that I read. I had never wanted to shoot someone head off as much as I do him only after reading the first chapter. The mother, Leona is one meek wife and Rob the younger brother, thinks God himself needs to consult the father for everything.

Most part of the book told how Cord and Anne started their life working together in the barn. With Anne help and better social skills, she manage to help Cord manage several sales of the horses. Whenever they are in town for supplies, they have to deal with all the gossips and the restaurant will even reluctant to serve them. I'm with Anne feeling to much rage in this situation. I can't believe racism can be down right ugly. Anne make a great effort to convince every friends including their own families that she is happy with her life with Cord. But to them, it seems unbelievable.

Anyhow, even with all the families issue aside, Cord and Anne are happy with their simply life in the ranch. I'm convince that something bad is going to happen to them soon and dreaded to read it. But it only happen at 80% and dear Cord and Anne got their well deserve HEA that I wept some happy tears for them.