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The Dex-Files - Karina Halle This novella is told from Dex's POV with snippets that begin during his childhood right till the beginning of Into the Hollow. Therefore, this novella is full of spoiler if you haven't finish all the 6 books, or maybe at least 5 of them.

Dex, a jackass character in the beginning of the series that we came to love. He is an ex-mental institute patient, abit crazy and under anti-psychotic medication, smoker, swearing all the time and mostly pervy. In this novella we got to know how's the wheel works in his crazy head. I was surprised to find out that he is totally oblivious about Perry's crush on him from Book 1 to 3 . I love reading about his pervy mind and I lost count of how many time he said 'F*ck, shit and ass'. What I like most is Dex is such a guy. He is not those self-righteous or pretentious man that always act all mighty and holier than thou. Although we learn that he become a change man since On Demon Wings, I hope he still maintain his pervy charm.

My favorite line is "my sperm is strong it punch the pill in the uterus"!

If Dex is a drug, then I'm an addict. I always tell my boyfriend what I'm reading at in a brief description without all the smutt. I used to tell him that I love Curran and Barron. Anyway, he is totally okay with all my fictional crush because they are paranormal creatures that in no way exist in real life. But when I said I love Dex. He totally jaw-dropped and ask me how can you even like a crazy, vulgar, self-destructive piece of shit. And worst, he is a smoker. I hate smoker (usually). So there goes....