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The Benson - Karina Halle This is a pretty short story with Dex and Perry at The Benson Hotel. According to Dex, the Wikipedia stated that Benson Hotel is having 'shitload' of ghosts around. Good source, Dex!

The night shift manager, Pam, told them about this ghost, Parker, who hang himself in the laundry room. Later on, with some sleuthing by Perry, which include climbing up the vent because Dex has short man syndrome, she came across Parker's ghost lover, May. Perry got into her host mode and interview May and found out that Parker carried a checkbook that serves as his diary. After Perry manage to discover the checkbook and pass to the authority, Pam said that the Benson Hotel had ceased being haunted.

Again, Perry and Dex team had make their little contribution to the society.