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Dirty Red (Love Me With Lies, #2) - Tarryn Fisher 5 "psychopathic bitch" stars

"My name is Leah, and I will do anything to keep my husband."

A whole book from the POV of the bitch that everyone hates? You gotta be kidding me. Tarryn Fischer has the guts, I give her that. Not many people can pull this off and expect people to enrapture by it. Although I dreaded to read this because it makes me hurt so much, yet once I started I can't stop myself. This series is like a crack. You know is damn unhealthy, yet you derive the pleasure from the pain.

Following a similar format, Dirty Red is also told in present and past format. Leah had gave birth to their daughter, Estella and Caleb is beyond ecstatic. She had both Caleb and a daughter, everything should be perfect, but it is not. Leah is her own worst enemy. She is constantly having a mental war within herself. She is insanely jealous that she is the second choice for her husband, yet she won't let him go. I had no doubt she loves Caleb, but from the way she will do anything to hold on to him, we knew she is doomed. She is the most selfish, conniving, manipulative, self-centered bitch that I had ever read. Don't let me start on how she treated Estella. I spent first half of the book seething, grinding my teeth, grasping my kindle and wanted to leap into the pages and stab her.


Her character has more dimensional when we learned about her past and her dysfunctional family. We came to understand her, but it doesn't make us forget the thing she had done. I'm sure serial killer and rapist have bad childhood too. The reason that I can't find myself to sympathize with her is her lack of conscience and remorse. At least Olivia felt bad when she did something awful. Leah doesn't has split second of inner struggle between choosing right or wrong.

While reading the past on how she wormed her way into Caleb's life, I wanted to gag. Mostly I wanted to shout at Caleb. Can't he see her for what she is? I thought he know how to read minds or something. He is either blind, delusional or a masochist to tie himself with this woman. I don't know how their relationship stayed that long other than Leah always using the guilt card on him. We are also treated with Leah's past during the incident that take place during The Opportunist.

We see a lot of Caleb in here from Leah's perspective. He is this man who is always hurting and still in love with his ex-girlfriend. His love for Olivia runs so deep that it is borderline on obsession. My heart breaks for him. He is at fault for his current demise due to his decision of accepting Leah as a filler to his void.

There are new characters being introduced namely Sam, their 'Manny'. Sam is such a straight shooter, the rude but honest to God things he said to Leah makes me wanna give his a high 5. And then there is this unexpected appearance of Caleb's brother. I won't spoil you too much, but I suspect he is going to be an important character in Thief.

There is a moment when I thought Leah will make an effort to change, but in the end her hatred had ran too deep. She is beyond saving. If she is not scary enough in the beginning, she is now turning into Theodora right in front of my eyes, complete with the evil laugh. Bwuahahaha! I'm so worried for what is in store for Caleb and Olivia. Anyway, Leah totally deserve an Oscar for being the best villain.

"He is a thief. He stole my life; he stole hers."