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Thief (Love Me With Lies, #3) - Tarryn Fisher The final book of Love Me With Lies. One of the most messed up romance I ever read about revolving three extremely flawed characters who lies, deceit, manipulate and cheats in order to love. We have Caleb's POV this time and the story started after his divorced with Leah and the bomb dropped about his daughter's questionable paternity.

From the ending of Dirty Red with Leah going into full on psycho mode, I thought she is going to do something awfully terrible and epic. But she didn't make many appearance here, unless you count Caleb recounting his past. His past with Leah makes me rage and want to gag most of the time. I find those scene of him with either Leah or Olivia sort of repetitive. Those have already been told of the previous books and I kind of able to guess his feelings anyway. In present times, Caleb tries again to convince Olivia to be with him, but Olivia still indecisive in regards to Caleb and her marriage to Noah. I find her indecisiveness and indirectly leading Caleb's on seriously pissed me off. You just can't be with him for a few days and then later want to work out your marriage with Noah!

There are so many missed chances, wrong choices, fate interferences and whatever that kept Caleb and Olivia apart. They came so close to being together and something just need to happen to f*ck with them. There is such a long strings of bad luck that if I'm in Caleb's shoe I will curse whoever up there and kill myself. Before starting this, some reviewers had assured me there is an HEA. I don't think this is a spoiler. For me, a HEA is a prerequisite for a romance.

I still think this is one of the best contemporary 'angst' romance read ever. The uniqueness of the representation in terms of each of the three main characters POVs, Olivia, Leah and Caleb. I felt that in The Opportunist's the story is full of suspense and in Dirty Red's she make you rage so much, they are both the stronger part of the series. In Thief's I felt that the 'present' story is weaker, the 'past' are mostly recaps of scene that we already knew. Nonetheless we got the resolution and the HEA ending we desperately needed. You just can't not read Thief after you read the previous two books. Thank you Tarryn Fischer for this heartbreaking yet wonderful love story.

"Olivia Kaspen. A cross between Snow White and The Evil Queen."

"I got this swelling ache in my chest. It was a good ache - like a heart orgasm."

"I like her darkness, her ever present sarcasm, the way she makes me work for every smile - every kiss."