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On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street, #1) - Samantha Young Holy shit, I just met another AMAZING fictional character that tipped over the swoon-o-meter scale. Meet Braden Carmichael!

Jocelyn, who preferred to be called Joss had an encounter in a taxi with this hot and sexy stranger. She had an instant attraction to him that makes me rolled my eyes. Seriously. As it turned out, the stranger was her new roommate, Ellie's brother, Braden Carmichael. Due to the circumstances, they kept bumping into each other. Whenever this two is in the same vicinity, the room temperature increased exponentially.

Our heroine was a girl with a lot of issue. She lost her family in an accident when she was fourteen and since then she always kept to herself and refuse to talk to anyone regarding her past. She got wary and panic when Ellie and Braden slowly sneak into her life. Jocelyn and Braden had an intense attraction towards each other, what with his blatant flirtatious driving her crazy. Without wanting to deny their mutual attraction, they came up with an arrangement to be fuck buddies. From the get go, I knew that Braden wanted more out of this from the way he cares about her. I know what are you planning at, buddy. *wink wink*

Jocelyn was seriously fucked up emotionally and was commitment-phobic. Her constant questioning about his action is getting on my nerves. I wanted to throttle her 'Are you blind? Of course he cares about you. Duh'. Jocelyn pisses me off with her issue. She never fail to remind Braden that they are not in fact dating. For me, her family tragedy is not tragic enough to warrant her acting like a total bitch. But later on, I find out that there's something more about her past. Something awful happened to her bff. After that I started to understand Jocelyn and forgive her for being a bitch.

Braden Carmichael, is sexy, rich, successful businessman, charming, caring brother and loyal friend. This guy is amazing and perfect in every way. He is so patient with Jocelyn and manage to deal with all her shit. I even dig his caveman tendency and find it totally hot. And he talks dirty. Oh my.

“Why the hell did he have be the human version of a sexually charged nuclear weapon?”

The first half of the book was a bit bland, as in seen it, read it. The second half of the book was pure gem. Is where all the emotion sucked out of me. Jocelyn found out that her arrangement had turn into something more than she bargained for. Braden makes her care, happy, worry, jealous and whole lot of emotion that she was not accustomed to.

"this whole fuck buddy thing wasn't quite as stress-free as I'd been led to believe - "

"I like pre-Braden Joss. She was spunky and cool and independent.
Post-Braden Joss was kind of a mushy asshat."

When she found out that her relationship with Braden was getting out of hand, she wanted to put a stop before it will crash. She believes that she is toxic for the people around her. This two lost souls make my heart ached, my gut sore and my eyes leaked. There are some angst moment and misunderstanding going on, but it never get out of hand, mainly due the amazing Braden. He is very upfront about his feelings, what he wants and never play games with her. Okay, maybe little bit of game. I really love this guy. His persistence might be driving Jocelyn crazy, but I'm glad that he never gave up.

Braden's sister, Ellie and Adam are also major characters in this book. Ellie had a crush on Adam, who happened to be Braden's best friend and colleague. But not wanting to ruin their friendship, he tried to remain platonic. Reading about how Adam tried to sabotage her dates cracked me up. Their subplot romance is so sweet and endearing. Considering it came from Jocelyn's POV, it was so well-developed that I'm happy for their HEA as well.

The story sounds conventional enough to warrant at most 4 stars. The girl met guy, girl had issue, make up, fight, make up, HEA. What make this book amazing is mostly due to Braden (obviously) and also the witty dialogues, the humor, the banter, thrown in a little bit of angst and steamy sex. Is great seeing Jocelyn sorting out her issue and transformed from this broken girl who distant herself into someone who is able to care and love others. Lastly, this book is worth the read for Braden Carmichael alone.