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Beneath the Burn - Pam Godwin This book started out really great, especially the first quarter that is totally 5 stars worthy. I blamed it on the length of the book, which is too freaking long. If the author can chop off the unnecessary bits and reduce it to 300 pages, I think I would have an easier time finishing it without feeling the story being drag on and on.

There is so much that happen in one book that borderline on overwhelming. I felt like watching a TV series being crammed into a single movie. And the said movie that is suppose to be 2 hours got stretch to 4 hours. Imagine sitting in a cinema watching a 4 hours movie, is exhausting. I never had this same feeling since I read Gone with the Wind.

In a nutshell, Charlee was imprisoned by Roy as his sex slave. The details of the sexual abused she endured was told in graphic details and I find it hard to stomach. She escaped and managed to avoid captured for 2 years. She met Jay, the yet to be famous rock star, when he demand to have his scar inked. Although they only spent an hour in her tattoo shop, they instantly connected through the pain they had both suffered in their lives and had been pining for each other since.

Due to Charlee being captured by Roy again, Charlee and Jay only met each other three years later. I had been waiting anxiously for them to be reunited because reading their POVs when they were separated was gut wrenching, pour out your soul kind of feeling. But once they finally reunited, my concentration went downhill from there.

Considering there was 500 pages, why did they have to cram everything that is happening in one freaking day. From seeing Charlee back from her disappearance, finding out her ordeal, confessing their feelings, escaping Roy and healing each other of their torment past, everything took place in one day. Is unbelievable. They should stretch it out and let their romance simmer a little without going full on boiling right there.

I actually adored all the characters in this book, Charlee, Jay, Nathan, Tony, Laz and the rest of the band, except for the sadistic bastard, Roy Oxford, of course. The writing is beautiful and with Jay being a musician, the things he said might sound cliche to some, but they had me swooning most of the time. The lyrics from the song he composed had me melted right there and then.

"Huntress of the room in my head.
Fearless and knowing.
Nothing can stop me.
To be who you saw.
To be the steel.
To be yours.
You showed me beauty in survival.
I'll show you strength in healing."

Charlee is an extremely strong character. After reading about her ordeal, is a miracle that she doesn't have mental breakdown or cowering at the corner. That itself is also unbelievable from the way she readily accepted Jay. Her only problem is her addiction to BDSM.

Jay, the now famous rock star that hired a group of elite bodyguards wanted to protect Charlee at all cost with his fame and safety be damn. He is a scarred hero who had a tortured past and mentally fucked up. But Charlee seems to be his magic solution to everything. He is swoon worthy alright, but is borderline on over the top and seems too good to be true, eh.

Nathan is also another endearing character, the one who basically uprooted his life to protect his late brother's girlfriend. So damn honorable. All the characters were totally likable. If you don't mind reading a long book with a lot of details, repetitiveness, insta-love and kinky sex, I think is a great book.

"Love is like a series of improbable, lonely notes landing together in meaningful chaos."