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Feral Sins - Suzanne  Wright This is the absolute best shapeshifter's smut-com that I had the honor of reading along with a good plot that I give a damn. At times, the characters in this book seems to suffer from dissociative identity disorder, whereby they have both the mind of human and wolf. They often had inner battle within themselves and most of the time they act more animal than human.

We have a very sarcastic heroine, Taryn that make me laugh out loud and roll my eyes at the same time. Sometimes she can be over the top and gone too far with her sarcasm, but I blame it on her being a latent wolf. I assume she had no other way to release stress and manage her anger. No one can win a verbal war with her EVER.

"Why not put a condom over your head - if you're going to act like a complete dick"

"Attempting to give a fuck... Attempting harder to give a fuck... Sorry,there was an error. Fuck not given."

Then we have very serious and psychotic Trey Coleman, the Alpha of Phoenix Pack who strike up a deal with Taryn to achieve a win win situation for both of them. They agreed on a 3 months mating, for him to get alliance with her father's Pack, while she can get away from an arrange marriage with a sick bastard. Trey is mentally unstable and can easily provoke. No one will dare to even look at him straight in the eyes.

I enjoyed the romance between Taryn and Trey very much. Although it is mostly smut, but I got really connected with both their characters. In the forefront, Taryn is such a bitchy and dominant, but underneath she is insecure due to her being a latent wolf and no one seems to accept her including her father. Trey is emotionally distant and takes thing too seriously all the time, he was banished from his Pack by his father and had to build up his own Pack since young. Taryn brings a lot of fun into Trey's life and she is the only female wolf who isn't submissive and afraid of him.

We also have the rest of Phoenix Pack wolves who played a major role in the book. Dante, the Beta and the one with the most wisdom among all the crack head, Tao, the Head Enforcer who had a crush on Taryn, Selma, the bitch who wants mate with Trey, Greta, the grandmother that every daughter-in-law fear and the rest of the Pack. The one that I love most is Dominic, the pervy wolf with all the crude and sexual jokes. I look forward to all his scene because I know he's gonna make me laugh so hard that I might pee my pants.

"If your left leg is Thanksgiving, and your right leg is Christmas, can I visit you between the holidays?"

There is this infamous orgy scene that everyone talk about. I had been advised to skip that scene to avoid ruining my reading experience, but with Trey kept hinting at this since the beginning, my curiosity is seriously piqued. I just can't keep myself from reading it and find out what all the fuss is about. I assume he just going to fuck her in front of his Pack. Unfortunately when it finally take place at about 80% of the book, I'm floored. My jaw just dropped. Eewww... I can't believe Trey and Taryn did that! Is so out of character. Is like suddenly they got possess by sexual deviant. At the same time, I don't know what came over me, but I actually did enjoyed reading that scene. I just gonna assume that is not Trey and Taryn I'm reading about. Eewww....

Apart from all the great shapeshifter sex we had, the plot is engaging enough. While trying to build up their Pack's alliance, someone had been sending threatening message to Taryn. What they initially assume are some harmless prank turn deadly later on. I kept guessing who is the traitor since the beginning. The final battle between Trey and his uncle Darryl provided us with some surprises that we didn't see it coming, as compare to the usual they fight and hero just won. I'm looking forward to Book 2 of this series.