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A Fall of Water (Elemental Mysteries #4) - Elizabeth   Hunter This is the finale of Elemental Mysteries. Is a good feeling whenever I read the last book of a fantastic series, where everything is going to wrap up nicely and I doesn't have to suffer the wait for another book. Yet, I also have this feeling of despair whereby I will no longer read about Giovanni Vecchio,the sexy Italian professor and vampire. I love him when he was all nerdy in Book 1 and then he turned into a total ass kicker as the series progress and I couldn't have love him more.

I'm feeling conflicted whether I love A Hidden Fire or A Fall of Water more. Book 1 and 4 have a totally different tone and awesome in their own way. A Fall of Water started with Gio and Beatrice both being so lovey dovey and damn sweet together. My teeth kinda hurts from all the sweetness overdose. I love seeing they both so happy together without the interference of any annoying third party. As mentioned before, the sex in all previous 3 books were very vanilla and fade to black, much to my disappointment, but this time Elizabeth Hunter gave us something much hotter and I couldn't be happier.

I knew shit is gonna hit the fans when Gio decided to head to Rome to meet his sire's mate, Livia. Along with Beatrice, Carwyn, my favorite priest, Ben, our teenage sidekick, Tenzin, Matt and Dez, they all went to Rome to continue with the pursuing of the mysterious elixir. I love it when the entire gang is together. Ben is getting a lot of page time here with his own POV. He strike up a close relationship with Tenzin, his trainer and Dez, his ward during the day time. I was wondering whether Elizabeth Hunter is planning for his spin off or something.

There is a portion of the book whereby Gio and Beatrice have to be separated, but even that didn't deter my interest. I miss seeing Gio spending time with Carwyn, his best friend. When they both went on a mission to track down the ancient vampire, Arosh and Kato, we can still see their bromance undertone. LoL. Carwyn is being all mysterious with his letter, which I am going to find out in his spin off series.

While Gio had to be away, Beatrice remain at Rome with Tenzin to play vampire politics with the evil Livia and Lorenzo, the bastard who is yet to die. Beatrice had the most character development in the series, from being the innocent librarian in a university to a deadly water vampire in a span of 4 books. She had undergo so much from only having her grandmother in her life, to meeting Gio, learning about vampire, reunited with her father and then losing him. I'm just so desperate for her to have a HEA.

We also have some flashback of Gio childhood time as Jacopo. We learned how he met the sick bastard of a vampire, Andros and what Gio had endure under his tutoring. I wish I could have kill Andros for him. Is a wonder Gio turned out to be such an honorable and righteous man despite all the brainwashing that Andros attempted. I was wondering what is the purpose of these flashback beside us learning about Gio history with Andros, but in the end it all tied up beautifully.

The final battle didn't disappoint and was totally epic. The secrets to the mysterious elixir was finally discovered and revealed. Is definitely not something I had predicted from the beginning. There are sacrifices made in order to save the vampire community. But in the end, everything fall in to place and we had a great ending to the series. I'm hopeful to see more of Gio and Beatrice in the spin off series.

P/s: There is one little issue which I feel left unanswered. Gio promised Arosh that he will give his blood to heal Kato indefinitely, I'm wondering how does he go about achieving that. It was not mentioned in the end, which left me feeling puzzled.