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The Zero Dog War (Zero Dog Missions, #1) - Keith Melton A friend of mine passed me this saying there is a funny heroine with a bunch of misfit paranormal mercenary aka A-team style fighting against zombies. On a side note, there is a hot Special Force Jake Sanders, who said heroine is lusting after.

I gotta admit, humour wise is worth 5 stars, but the plot had too much back and forth bantering between the group of mercs and detailed fight scenes for my taste. Most of the characters appeared caricature and one dimensional except for the heroine and hero.

Andrea Walker is the mother hen looking over the group of misfit. From the blurb, we already knew the group is a concoction for havoc. I've never seen a team with mage, demon, shapeshifter, succubus, empath and vampire all roll into one. Is pretty funny to see Andrea lusting after Jake Sanders who was assigned by the Homeland Security to oversee their mission. At one hand, she want to remain authoritative, but on the other hand she kept getting distraction by his mere presence.

"I have more ninja skills in one heel of my Jimmy Choo than Hanzo has in his entire repertoire - no matter how many times he watches Ninja Brothers of Blood."

"I watched him like a Catholic nun at a junior high dance for any sign of flirting."

"That's the most tofu statement I've ever heard. Bland. White. Tasteless. Floats in miso soap."

Jake seems to be by the book kind of soldier, who appreciate discipline among the team. His first impression of Andrea's team is beyond bad. He wonder how they survive this long. We get to connect to him better when he open up about his past mission and his motivation. But I'm not sure why he like Andrea. Things seems to move quite fast between them. Unfortunately, no sex scene for me. Bummer.

A shout out to Rafe, the shapeshifter wolf who partial towards public nudity. Yum. Sarge, the gay and most sensible person in the team of the team often gave Andrea's the best advise, including persuading her to try things out with Jake.