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Extra scenes (Tangled, #1.1) - Emma Chase I devoured this three short scenes during my lunch time and I couldn't be happier. This is such a great treat for those of us who miss Drew Evans.

1. The Honeymoon’s Over

Drew like the total dickhead of a boyfriend he is, having a domestic fight with Kate.

"As far as I know, Kate and I have the perfect relationship. And I—of course—am the perfect boyfriend."

He is being delusion, of course. Second page in I already wanted to kidney-punched him as usual.

2.The Bitch Strikes Back

Drew and Kate babysitting MacKenzie at home while watching Star Wars.

“Because he’s Han freaking Solo. He’s the coolest guy in the galaxy. He doesn‘t have to say he loves her—look at everything he’s done for her. She should already know.”

I didn't realized Drew is a Star Wars geek. Go figure.

3. What a Difference A Year Makes

Drew is celebrating his 1st Fuckiversary with Kate and is full of smutty-licious-ness.

“Hello, Boyfriend.”
Sickening, aren’t we? There’s a garbage can in the corner if you feel the need to puke.