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Reaper's Property (Reapers MC, #1) - Joanna Wylde 5 'I want to be Horse's Old Lady' stars

Wow! This really turned out to be way better than I expected it to be. Whenever a book label as erotica, I assumed is gonna be full of sex and weak on plot. Beautiful Bastard, anyone? I still like BB, though. But Reaper's Property isn't that. Yeah, we got a bunch of really hot sex scenes, but I never felt it is too much. The romance plot had a really good built up with a healthy length of sexual tension and unrequited love, they didn't just lust over and bang each other.

From the blurb, it seems like Marie was kidnap and held hostage by Horse to be his sex slave or some sort as a payback for her brother's crime. Actually that is far from true. The first quarter of the book was told in past and present. I find it intriguing and can't wait to find out what happened between Horse and Marie that their relationship had turned estranged. The man was apparently sulking.

When Marie left her husband and live with her brother at the trailer, she got to know the Reaper MC gang. Her brother was doing some 'work' for them. At first they seems like intimidating thugs, but later on she knew that they were pretty harmless as long as you don't screw with them. Among the gang, Horse seems to pay a lot of interest on Marie. I love their little flirty text messages and I just kinda being awed by Horse over and over.

When I finally found out about why Horse isn't talking to Marie anymore I swoon big time, Aww.... poor Horse. The way he confessed might be out of norm, but I guess that was his way of showing his feelings. Oh, can I say that this alpha-violent-caveman was absolutely adorable? Although he seems menacing and capable of violence, but he was so sweet and caring towards Marie. He sounds so crude at times and he talks dirty. Oh my. I'm falling deep for this violent man with a tender heart.


Back to present, Marie's brother, Jeff, stole from the Reaper's and in order to avoid killing Jeff, Horse propose to take Marie as collateral. She instantly agree to save her brother. Is not like she didn't have a strong attraction to Horse, despite him giving her the cold shoulder (it seems like a win-win situation to me). Moving forward, Horse and Marie settled together at his home. I'm not sure how to label their relationship, they slept together, but Horse told her that she is not his old lady or girlfriend. He was still hurt by her previous rejection. Apparently, the Reaper's called their spouse as 'Old Lady'. Insulted much? That was what Marie thought as well, she balked at the idea of women being call 'Old Lady' and 'Property Of' so and so. But by the end of the book, I don't care what Horse choose to call his woman, I am totally sold. Call me whatever you like, Horse.

Don't let me start with the sex scene. Horse, as his name indicated, actually hung like a 'Horse'. Intrigue much? Damn. I'm panty soaking wet while reading this. I usually cringe at the idea of anal, but when I read it here, it is so hot and all I can think of is 'why haven't I try this yet?'.


The background of the story that revolves around the Reaper's Motorcycle Club didn't appear to be too heavy or hard to absorb. Despite the seriousness of the issue they were dealing with, I still find the overall tone of the book pretty light. Marie and Horse alternate POV were fun to read, they are both very likable characters. Horse is at heart a very honorable guy and will do anything for Marie. The climax built up surrounding the issue with Jeff, but the center stage was still about how Horse and Marie going to sort it out without affecting their relationship. Although we had a very sweet ending, I don't want Horse and Marie story to end. Hope this lovely couple will still be feature in future books.