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The Golden Dynasty (Fantasyland, #2) - Kristen Ashley Oh my. What can I say. One of the most memorable romance I have read that I gonna shelve it as to be re-read in future. This is the first time I read about H/h that have such a vast language and cultural barrier.

The story is about Circe (honestly, I don't even know how to pronounce her name) who woke up at this barbarian place away from her home in Seattle. She was shocked to find out she was one of the candidates for the Bride Hunt. When we say hunt is really hunting (literally), they release the bride and the warriors will hunt them down on their horses. So Circe got targeted by the King Lahn and he 'claimed' her right away.

The story pretty much progress with how Circe adapt to the her new life in this savage land whereby woman was not treated with respect, warriors own slaves and people got cut up in pieces. I find Circe is a very optimistic and courageous woman who is also so forgiving. She come to term with her situation quite early in the story. She didn't spend half the length of the book being freak out or hating her husband.

King Lahn....oh what can I say? He is such a dear. Although when he is in public, he often in his King mode, which is totally badass and ignore Circe, but back in their rooms, he is such a sweet thing. What I like most in the story was during the first half of the book, Lahn will murmured sweet words to Circe in his own language, but half the time both Circe and me don't know a thing of what he is trying to say. But I'm sure is something really sweet. And the way he talk, often sounds brute and impossible in modern day, but I love it more when he talk like that. Oh my.

Circe really enjoyed herself being the queen so much she often manage to kick some asses. She make many great friends, Dianrdia (her personal translator), Sabine, Narinda, Feetak...... all of them are great supporting characters. She tried to save a girl from a horrible marriage, she save a boy from choking to death, she gives hope for her people.......But sometimes she can be quite selfish, whereby at one point Lahn pointed out that she demanded so many changes from him, but he never once demanded her to change herself.

KA is absolutely phenomenal, I can't imagine she created her own language for only a standalone book. Half way through I started to learn the language myself. But because I'm holding a Kindle, sometimes is hard for me to glance back the previous pages to catch up on some words, which already been explained.

Half way through Lahn was preparing for a war to avenge his home being attacked. So I thought the climax will be about him being away for a war and he will come back as victor. But I was wrong. The story didn't go down as that predictable.

Some who gave negative review for this book, might be due to the violence and treatment toward the woman. But if you can look past that and understand that this is the way of their lives in this savage place, you will be able to enjoy this incredible love story about two person from two different world, how they overcome their language and cultural barrier.