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Epilogue: The Dark Duet (The Dark Duet, #2.5) - C.J. Roberts First of all, I LOVE the first two books of The Dark Duet series and the ending I got from Seduced in the Dark was satisfying enough. Livvie reunited with Caleb at The Paseo and they shared a kiss. Fast forward few years later, Caleb then known as James Cole was reading Livvie aka Sophia's book recounting their story back in Mexico.

In this full length Epilogue, we have a detailed descriptions of what happen to them right after their meeting at The Paseo towards their HEA from Caleb's POV. What is Livvie's reaction at seeing Caleb after all this time? How is Caleb ever going to redeem himself?

Livvie had to learn to trust Caleb again after how he used to treat her. Caleb want to prove to Livvie he is a man worthy of her love.

I just couldn't get enough of this two unlikely couple, one a captive, another her abductor. If you are like me, anticipating another mind numbing read like its predecessor, you are gonna be sorely disappointed. This Epilogue is all about how Livvie and Caleb settled their differences and how to incorporate into each other life. At one hand, is fun and enjoyable to read about Caleb's reaction and trying his damnest to blend in with the society and Livvie's friend, one the other hand, I felt dissatisfy with the lack of drama and suspense. I know! This two suffered enough bad stuff to last a few life time, they deserve all the happiness and the ability to do all the normal mundane things in their life like playing Guitar Hero and visiting Paris.