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Reason Enough - Megan Hart Sometimes I'm not sure whether a long drawn out epilogue would live up to my expectation because just being happy with a lot of sex doesn't make up a good read. But Reason Enough really did blew me away with only 45 pages. Damn. Megan Hart is still able to make me feel so much with only a novella. She cramped a few hot sex scene, Elle's inner turmoil on her decision whether to have a child or not and all sorts of emotion running through her in a few short pages.

Dan is amazing as always, isn't he always is? Elle and Dan are now married and he is bringing up the question of having a baby. Elle instantly balked at the idea, she had made a terrible mum. Dan who is always being patience towards her didn't pressure her on the issue.

We get to catch up on Elle's relationship with her mum and brother, Chad. We also got Marcy, who is now so very pregnant with her first child. Is great to see Elle surrounded herself with friends and family and all the love.

I'm love this little novella to see Dan and Elle settled into their marriage life. But it kept me wanting more. I would love to see Dan's reaction to Elle getting pregnant, since she had keep him in the dark about her decision to forgo the pills. It will be priceless.