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The Embattled Road (Lost and Found, #.05) - J.M. Madden This novella really did remind me so much of the independent film titled 'The Waterdance', a story about three injured men who bonded during their stay at the rehab. The story told about their struggle to adjust to their life ahead and some drama that unfold in their love life.


In The Embattled Road, we met Duncan, Chad and John Palmer. They were Marines that got physically injured during their mission. Each of them suffered different injury, yet they knew they will never be psychically whole again and now contemplating what the future holds for them.

We got to know this three courageous Marine who had battled through their life and survive. This is the perfect set up for the Lost and Found series and I can't wait to read about their future shenanigans. I have to say that Duncan impressed me most and he was the oldest one among the trio. I'm looking forward to reading this series. I know it sounds wrong, but I love reading about handicap heroes.