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Exquisite (Exquisite, #1) - Ella Frank 5 'fun, hilarious, sexy' stars

This book is a gem, it was freaking hilarious, I was laughing so hard in the beginning feeling all giddy and then got all choked up near the end. For a book with such a sexy cover and label as erotica, we only had three sex scenes and the story had a lot of meat and it also dealt with some pretty serious issue within a family.

You just have to meet Mason, the hot chef and owner of Exquisite. Finally, a guy who actually brings woman on dates and get to know her before jumping into the sack. He is such a charmer with his easy going manner and great sense of humor, though he can be a total masochist because i can't think of any other reason for him to be interested in a woman keep insulting him, fighting him off and demand him to get lost.

"He'd gone into the date knowing up front she was prickly and grouchy and more guarded than a castle under a full blown attack."


Lena is a pediatrician of St. Luke's, she is a reserve woman who doesn't date or enjoy her life due to the extreme guilt she had over the death of her sister, Carly. Sounds depressing? Fear not. This book is full of fantastic humor that make you laugh out loud. Lena is snarky and bitchy and couldn't seems to filter the words that coming through her mouth. She is the female version of a jerk. Most of the things she said should have pissed us off, but I didn't because after she calmed down she often felt sorry. So how can I stay mad at her?

I like the back and forth POV between these two, it was hilarious to see their reaction and inner monologue towards each other. During their first meeting, they got on the wrong foot and was so pissed at each other. Lena think he is a "mule headed, freakishly tall flower delivery man". While, Mason secretly called her the 'Queen Bitch' and 'the thing.' Their bickering was the highlight of the book to me.


Apparently, Mason just couldn't help himself and being a total masochist, he still wanted to date the impossible Dr. Lena. After some manipulation, he finally got her to agree on one. Let's just say thing really get hot and heavy. They have way too much foreplay to be deem healthy and I was panting there like a dog waiting for them to DO IT already! And I can never see a ripe peach without having dirty thoughts.

"If you're gonna die from frustration. I'm about to die from a meltdown."

"You left marks on my fragile body."
"Well, you left a damn hickey on me."

So Mason sounds like a totally great guy and his only wish is to bring happiness into Lena's life, but I love him even more when he showed his dark said aka dirty talker and angry man. I find men totally hot when they get angry and Lena totally drove him 'in-fucking-sane', his word.

"My reactions to you make me question myself because they aren't light and carefree, they're dark and dirty, Lena."

"My dad once told me, the day I meet someone who drives me so crazy I want to strangle her, that's when I know I've met a woman worth keeping."

We have plenty of supporting characters that played prominent role in the story. I love Rachel, Mason's spunky sister, the pastry chef, Wendy, manager of Exquisite and Shelly, Lena's best friend and colleague. I just can't wait for all their stories. Of course, not to forget, Catherine, Mason's mom. She's a mom that everyone wish to have.

The humor is the heart of the story, but towards the end things got more emotional and I was throw off guard by the depth of the story. I love the way the story ended, Lena totally redeem herself and make me thinks she is so worthy of Mason. It showed us how far she will go to finally fight for what she wants. The old Lena will definitely just walk away and sulk it off. We have a very nice and sweet HEA, but I can't wait to read the rest of the book to get more glimpses into Lena and Mason's life.

"I didn't want anyone in my life until you fought your way into it and I miss hearing from you, even if it is just to argue."

"Just so you know I fought tooth and nail for him. We saved each other."