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Edible (Exquisite, #3) - Ella Frank 4.5 stars

I finally finished Book 3 of Exquisite and we got Rachel's story. She is Mason's spunky little sister and also the pastry chef of the restaurant. She had an unforgettable encounter with the mysterious and sexy Cole at Whipped from Book 2. This can works as a standalone if you are only interested in Rachel and Cole story, but if you've been reading the whole series, then you feel the strong family dynamic and some of the inside jokes within the Exquisite.

I would never had guess Rachel had been hiding some dark past from her family. She used to be such a fun and spunky character with wild hair. In Book 2, we can see that she started to distant herself and acting out of norm. She was haunted by her past and can't seem to trust men in general, especially the alpha and dominant type. So when she met Cole, a man who seems to be controlling all her hormones and emotion, she knew she need to get away.

The only thing we knew about Cole was he's Josh's lawyer friend and played a wicked game of poker. He is a workaholic, arrogant, stuffy and serious guy in a three piece suit. This man was hot and sexy as sin and when he took off his suit for the first time, I had to pick up my jaw from the floor because it had dropped obviously and wiped off my drools. Holy shit! One sight on the girl in leather and wild hair, he knew he wanted her. Well, considering his profession, he managed to force himself into her life and coerce her to be with him for a week.


As compare to the previous two books, this one feels different in a lot of ways. First two books have plenty of laugh out loud moments and comedic in general, while this one seems to veer towards a serious tone. On the plus side though, the hotness level is the highest here and explosive. We got highest number of sex scenes in here and things are way more kinkier between these two. The pool, the library, the kitchen.... Hotness overloaded. Previously, the romances took place over months, while being Rachel, she had a whirlwind romance in a week. Things definitely boiling up fast, but is so full of passion and love.


It was surprising to find that there isn't any drama or stupid disagreement that happen between these two. Unless you consider Mason blowing up when he found out what Rachel did with Cole without his knowledge. The confrontation that they had at Exquisite was freaking entertaining to watch. What's up with Cole and confrontation? He seems to partial to it, maybe he knew he gonna win anyway. Oh, Mason.. Well, he's definitely best brother ever.

I would have like if the author explore more on Cole's background. He seems to be walking contradiction to his profession as a lawyer. What's up with his tattoos and piercing? I thought there was more story to that. We have a very sweet and heartwarming epilogue that includes all the couples from this wonderful series. After completing this series, I can confidently said that Mason is still my favorite. Love that guy. I'm looking forward to the spin-off Temptation series that will features Logan Mitchell, Cole's law firm partner.