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Real Ugly (Hard Rock Roots, #1) - C.M. Stunich This is the dirtiest rock star romance that I had read so far with an on-going mystery that kept me hooked. The entire plot took place during the tour and was filled with rock music, groupies, sex, drug and booze. The rock stars here are not the Disney version, they are in their most ugly, primal form that might disgust you, or intrigue you.

Naomi Knox is the lead guitarist of Armatory Riot and she’s harbouring some secrets of her own. One pertaining Turner Campbell, the lead singer of Indecency. Why she hates him so much, I had no idea. But it makes me curious like hell and wanted to know every little detail about their previous encounter six years ago. On the other hand, she was also entangled in a web of mystery involving her foster brother and sister.

“I was born with this horrible infliction that leaves me attracted to men. Why haven’t they invented a cure for that shit yet? Check the facts. It’s the world’s deadliest disease. I kid you not.”

Turner Campbell, the Rock God himself who thinks he can walks on water and should be worship by every living soul. He is such an asshole, but an adorable one at that. When he was rebuffed by a girl namely, Naomi, he swore he needs to get her on her knees. The way he tries him damnest to get to her is hilarious at best and funny as hell. He had no idea of their previous encounter, which totally pissed her off and make me wondering whether did he suffered from selective memory lost, amnesia or he just happen to fuck too many chicks to remember.

“She’s like a fucking dream. Physically anyway. Mentally , she’s a mess.”

Told in dual POV from Naomi and Turner, Real Ugly as its name represent show the ugly side of the rock stars. There is drama, mystery, romance and comedy. Well, most of the funny stuff came from Turner alone. That guy can make you want to kill him and kiss him at the same time. No wonder Naomi felt so conflicted.

The things the so-called rock stars did in this book, I should be disgusted, but I’m not. I’m excited, thrilled even. What’s up with sex in filthy bathroom that makes it so exhilarating? I thought Naomi and Turner is such match made in Hell. One a bitch, another a total asshole and they really do fit together. There is an on-going mystery and weird things that happen on their tour buses that kept me guessing and wondering who the main culprit behind these sabotages is. When I was in the climax high and awaiting the big bomb to be drop, I was treated to a cliffhanger. Thank God, I actually waited for the next book to be released before starting this. I'm heading over to Book 2 Get Bent now.