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Get Bent (Hard Rock Roots, #2) - C.M. Stunich Contain spoiler from Book 1

After the awful cliffhanger in Book 1, Turner Campbell is suffering through the aftermath of Naomi’s disappearance. Everyone is believing she’s dead, but not him. He believes she is out there somewhere, waiting for him to come in to save her and sweep her off her feet.

“I’m going to find you, Knox. You can bet your sweet ass that I won’t rest until you’re lying in my arms, sated and sweaty, filled with me while I’m consumed by you.”

I thought his love for her had turn into a full on obsession and mind you is not creepy or weird, is just plain hilarious. The things he would do to find her and then when she finally did resurface (of course she did), his dedication to win her heart. Aww… Turner. Some might think he turned into a total puppy, but I thought otherwise. He’s a changed man when he’s in love. Although I appreciated that his crude words and sarcasm still remain. You still want to hit him over the head for the ideas that came from his clogged brain.

“Falling in love is like catching an incurable disease. Yeah, maybe that doesn’t sounds so romantic, but it’s true. It’s incurable and it’s contagious as shit. It makes you want to have babies and raise kittens, pet butterfly wings and sleep with your head on somebody else’s chest. Love… man, it fucks with everything you are and everything you want to be. I like it and hate it.”

We knew from previous book that Naomi is the main reason for most of the things that happen. But I find that this book is very much a Turner book. I find myself not very caring about the who, what and why did things happen. I just want Turner to get his girl, fuck her crazy, sing his song and make Campbell babies.

Although the entire mystery pertaining Naomi’s brother and sister felt too convoluted to me, I find the romance plot help in keeping me engage and not feeling totally cheated when I was left with tons of unanswered question and a mild cliffy. If you think that Book 1 left you puzzled, Book 2 is even worst. I actually don’t give a damn any more. I’m just glad Turner and Naomi got their sort of HEA for now. I was told that Ronnie’s story was next in the series, but I dying to read more on Naomi and Turner. I hope he gets to make some Campbell babies that he so desperately wanted.