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Beauty and the Billionaire (Billionaire Boys Club #2) - Jessica Clare I always love a Beauty and the Beast theme book and will never miss reading one of it. I thought Book 1 Stranded with a Billionaire was good, but Book 2 Beauty and the Billionaire left me feeling slightly disappointed. The Hunter that I knew from Book 1 doesn't really live up to my expectation. Usually scarred hero can be insecure and vulnerable, but they will have another alpha side that make us swoon for them. However, that's really not the case here.

There is some flashback on previous book regarding Hunter's first meeting with Gretchen at an empty apartment. So if you didn't read book 1, you won't be missing out much. Just from that one encounter, Hunter is determined to have this woman that captivates him with her charm and tough exterior. I admire him for his determination, but found his way of trying to get to her slightly creepy.

Gretchen, hmm... I totally like this girl from Book 1. She the elder sister of Audrey, Logan's assistant and working as a ghostwriter. She seems so tough, no-nonsense kinda girl, who loves adventure and gave some pretty good girl to girl advise to Bronte. But here, I found her simply too immature and irresponsible. Her career as a ghostwriter was a disaster, missing deadline and tons of procrastinating. I can't find myself sympathize with her when her landlord threaten to throw her on the street.

So, Hunter offered a writing job to Gretchen that manage to keep her at his side that enable him to slowly work his way into her heart. However, instead of him working his way in, it seems that Gretchen is much fascinated with the grouchy and scarred owner of the mansion herself. Hunter is feeling elated, nervous and excited about this new development in his lonely life.

What disappoint me is that Hunter is just simply too insecure with his disfigurement and never did any heroic moves that makes him worthy in my eyes. So I don't see why Gretchen keep giving him chances over and over again. I don't even understand the reason she like him.

Logan, the hero from the previous book did make a little appearance, but there isn't much development between him and Bronte for us. When Hunter's relationship with Gretchen blew up in his face, he seek advice from Logan. But again, he is of no help at all. These guys should really stop asking each other for relationship advise.

The next book is about Audrey, but I'm not sure which billionaire she is going to end up with. Reese, Cade, Griffin or Jonathan? I hope the next book is gonna be better. Finger crossed.