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Bold Tricks (The Artists Trilogy, #3) - Karina Halle The third and final book of The Artist Trilogy is intense, emotional and jam packed with action. There is so much happening at every turn and I can't find a good part to put it down to do some chores. We jumped back right after Ellie, Camden and Javier made their escape from Travis' party. The unlikely trio have to agree on a force allegiance to save Gus and Ellie's parent from Travis' clutch. Is all very Michael Bay-ish during the first quarter, maybe Karina should write for Hollywood. Those car chasing, explosive and running for your life scene had my heart pumping so hard.

Now that the three of them have to work together to accomplish a similar goal: hunt down Travis, though for a totally different reason. Ellie and Camden just want to save Gus, while Javier, he just want to rule the world. But can they really trust Javier?

"One more light than dark, one more dark than light. Both men had come for me. Both men had loved me. And both of them I had seriously underestimated.

Ellie is in a very awkward position of standing between Javier and Camden and did her best to prevent them from killing each other. The demented in me just love reading all of Camden and Javier scene, hoping they will went for each other throat. While struggling to stay alive at midst all the chaos, Ellie is also trying her damnest to prove her love to Camden. Well, if you recall what he had to witness by the balcony, is a surprise he haven't just up and flee.

Camden is getting more and more badass as the series goes. He looks so sweet and naive in Book 1 and now he had embrace the dark side. I had a lot of sympathy for him. The poor guy went to through hell to save his girl, only to find her betraying his love. I'm glad that he didn't act like a total doormat or turn whiny and tried to win her back. He just promise Ellie that he will keep her safe and bring her home. Camden is definitely oozing some serious masculinity as his character developed.

"Since the moment I saw your face, your beautiful young face on that hot dry day. You were water for my soul. You made me feel like I had another half, someone else who understood what it was like to be unwanted."

Oh, Javier. I never did like him in the previous two books. But in Bold Tricks, he do have his moments when I thought maybe he started to grow on me. Since when he is such a funny man? But right when I thought my opinion changed for him, he turned into a sick fuck again and I wanted to just kidney punch him. He is absolutely a devil incarnated. *shudder* However, there is no doubt he is the most interesting character in the series, sick fuck or not. And he is obsess with Ellie in a twisted way. I wish I could crack open his brain and see what's inside.

"Rule the world. Don't you remember? I'll be the king and you'll be my queen."

"You're a sick fuck."
"You're going to have to start coming up with more original insults. I believe you've already call me that before."

Ellie is still the heart and soul of the series. The ever flawed Ellie. She used to make bad decisions,weak willed, resentful and had some serious self-hatred issue. I'm glad she finally make peace with herself and see what is most important in her life. Ellie started take charge for once and fight for what she wants. I do feel that some of the vows exchange between Ellie and Camden sounds dramatic, but I guess is okay because they are in a life and dead situation. Their muddy filthy sex was scorching hot. I never thought Camden can be such a beast.

"He erased the death. He gave me life, if only for that moment, when we were joined as one, and I was a better version than the girl I was before."

After all the adrenaline rush and heart stopping moments, we have a well deserved HEA for Ellie. The epilogue was so sweet and a little cliche. But who cares. I honestly doesn't want this awesome series to end. I hope Karina Halle is going to make a spin-off. More Javier, anyone? Thanks Karina Halle for giving us this epic thriller with three amazingly characters to love. And Gus too.

I'm shocked when Jose got blew up. I thought it will be so poignant if they drove him across the horizon at the ending with his dented body and all.