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Willing Captive - Belle Aurora I have read Bella Aurora's Friend-Zoned series and it was fun, hilarious, at certain time ridiculous, but overall heart-warming. So when I saw this cover by the same author, I'm kinda shocked. Don't you dare go Fifty Shades on me, Bella. I thought she is jumping the shark or something.

Well, Willing Captive is still exactly what a Bella Aurora book is about. It gives you humor, laughter, a romance and a heartfelt ending. But I daresay she had surpassed herself with this latest book. Although I love Ghost from Love Thy Neighbor, but I guess Nox have win me over. *dreamy sigh*

If this is not another ‘The Dark Duet’, so what is this all about? Lily Flynn is the daughter of a logistic tycoon and had led a sheltered life ever since she met an accident while she was a teenager. I can’t fathom the idea of her not leaving the house although she obviously a fully capable adult. Fortunately, despite her fragile upbringing, she is a tough cookie with an adventurous mind. I guess she read too much fiction, like I do.

“Well, that’s that. Goodbye cruel world. Be sure to fuck thyself on the way out, you mean-assed son of a whore.”

Lily fought tooth and nail with her captors and even plot an escape, but to no avail. While, Lily thought she was kidnap for ransom, she learned that all this while her parent had been keeping her in the dark. During the time she being held as a ‘willing captive’, Lily found the beauty of friendship among her so-called captors. You see, she had no friend whatsoever beside her sister, Tehran. Okay, this might sound totally Stockholm yet again, but she’s not actually being kidnap per se. Her relationship with Boo and Rock was amazing.

Then there is Nox, apparently the leader among the team and asshole extraordinaire, according to Lily. Actually I don’t find him despicable at all, but Lily developed a love hate relationship with him. She just keeps pushing his buttons and Nox reign in so hard that I thought he might gonna blow up. He tried to appear menacing, but overall he is a sweet guy when you see how he always ended up giving in to her demands.

This little woman is grating my nerves something fierce. With her smartass comments and talking back, I’m gonna go nuts locked up here with her.

“Don’t push me, little girl. You don’t wanna see my bad side.”
“This is your good side?”

I find myself always on Nox side in their antagonizing relationship because the poor guy is just doing his job and he is damn good at it despite having an uncooperative charged. Meanwhile, Lily can be a total pushover with her smartass mouth and demanding personality. I find myself merely trying to see past some of her flaws and enjoy the story as it is.

“I swear this guy must’ve been conceived through backdoor action. There’s no way being that much of an asshole is natural.”

The romance between Lily and Nox is a slow building one. They built a solid trust and friendship before they acknowledge what they felt for each other. I laughed when she practically swooned every time Nox called her ‘Princess’. His intention is to mock her, but she thought otherwise. She knows her man. Nox is a man of action and the depth of their relationship by passes any flowery words could give. His promise to her is to keep her safe.

Turning to me, his arm wrapped around my hips, and he pulled me back into his body.
Not a single word was spoken.
And that was okay.
We didn’t need ‘em.

I have to say the suspense part of the story involving the threat behind the Flynn family was not explained clearly. Half the time I don’t know what is happening and in the end I still have a few unanswered questions. Anyway, I’m gonna let it go and focus on the romance of the story because let me tell you, the last 20% of the book is simply amazing.

I was threw off guard by how the event unfold towards the end. There were some surprises and then there were heartache. But in the end, I cried happy tears for Lily and Nox. Remember me saying I was tolerating Lily, by the end of the story, she completely won me over by her dedication to Nox. The ending couldn’t be more perfect with these little imperfections, but that’s what make a fiction feels real to us. If you are looking for a romantic comedy, with a smartass heroine, a protective and selfless hero with a heartwarming romance, this is the book.

“Can’t help who you fall in love with, princess.”